Barlows EV: Electric Vehicle Charging


Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

Boost footfall and revenue at your business by installing a Barlows EV electric vehicle charging station. Our charge points are listed on Nationwide charge point mapping services, making it easy for UK EV drivers to find and use your station. Offer your customers a convenient way to charge their electric cars and monetize your charge point with our solution. It's a win-win for your business.

Nearly all new cars registered in the UK will be electric by 2030

Domestic Electric Vehicle Charging

Ensure your electric vehicle charging station is installed safely and efficiently by choosing a reputable company like Barlows. We offer a range of electric car charging solutions to meet all of your requirements, including home charging stations.

Most EV charging is done at home, so it's important to choose a reliable and experienced company like Barlows. Get a quick estimate for your electric vehicle charging point installation with our instant quote calculator.

Our EV Web App is a purpose built system for managing clients’ EV networks.

EV Management Solutions

At Barlows EV, our mission is to make electric car charging as fast and easy as possible. Our network of EV charging stations is fully operational and ready for use 24/7 thanks to our Barlows EV Web App. Whether you need to charge your electric vehicle at home or on the go, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Make the experience of charging your EV hassle-free with Barlows

Why Barlows for Commercial & Domestic EV?

Vast electric vehicle charging solutions experience


With 70+ years of experience in the electrical industry, we offer expert service and a reputation for customer care and technical expertise. Choose us for reliable electric vehicle charging solutions, including charging stations and EV charge points.


We are a trusted provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, including electric car charging stations and EV charge points from industry-leading brands. We are reliable, honest, and always fulfil our obligations. Choose us for genuine products and exceptional service.


We offer top-quality electric vehicle charging solutions, including charging stations and EV charge points. Our strong connections and experience ensure a professional and reliable experience. Choose us for industry-leading equipment and exceptional customer service.

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