Our mission is to help people and businesses make the switch to cleaner energy, helping sustain the environment.

Barlows EV is a specialist car charging and solar PV department at Barlows UK Ltd, we specialise in providing high-quality electric vehicle charging and solar PV & battery storage solutions for businesses and individuals. At Barlows UK Ltd, we have over 600 employees and 300 vehicles nationwide, with offices in Malpas, Manchester, High Wycombe, and Lancaster.

With a strong reputation for customer care and technical expertise, we are the go-to source for electric car charging stations, EV charging services and solar PV & battery storage solutions. Our team is dedicated to helping clients make the transition to renewable energy, and we offer a range of services including the design, installation, maintenance, and management of electric vehicle charge points and solar pv systems.

If you are in need of an electric vehicle charging station or want to benefit from a solar PV and battery storage system and have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing the best possible service and support for all of your renewable energy needs.

Our Values

  • Brand - We are a well-known brand for Quality, Integrity, technical expertise and Value that we are all proud of.
  • Attitude - We have the can do attitude and will always try our best to ensure all customers are satisfied with the service we provide.
  • Respect - We respect everything from our colleagues, our customers and property including everyone’s way of life.
  • Leadership - We pride ourselves on the leadership we have and how we include all our employees in the way we work.
  • Ownership - We take ownership of all our works and the expectations of our customers at all times.
  • Working - We work together will our colleagues and customers to ensure a premium product and service is maintained at all times.
  • Safely - We pride ourselves on the safe systems of work that all our employees work to from our continued development and award winning training.

We have four offices offering nationwide coverage: Malpas, Manchester, Lancaster and London


We use the Monta Mobile app which is the one stop shop for EV owners to find a charge point and pay for a charge.


We will guide you through choosing your perfect solution to ensure your charge point meets all of our requirements.


We use the Monta Mobile app which is the one stop shop for EV owners to find a charge point and pay for a charge.