We were approached by Jane Chewins Insurance Ltd to install a new electric vehicle charging point at their office in Cholmondley, Cheshire. They wanted an aesthetically pleasing charging point that offered them secured private charging. With many different options available, our experts got to work straight away designing the best possible charging system guaranteed to satisfy their needs.

JCL is an insurance broker located just three miles away from our Head Office in the picturesque Cholmondley. Their brokers have over 32 years experience in the insurance broking industry, starting out from a family business in Chester. Members of the award-winning Broker Network allowing them wide access to the insurance market and have a team of carefully chosen professionals with extensive broking experience. They specialise in specific sectors to ensure their clients get the best possible insurance cover, these include: corporate, commercial, agricultural, equestrian and private clients.

Our EV experts visited site to meet with the client in order to further his understanding of their requirements. We then recommended several options with RFID access to give the client control of who can use their charger. JCL opted for the Garo GLB Wallbox with a type two outlet (no fixed cable). This unit is OCPP compatible and ready to be added to our EV network and available on our mobile app should they wish to monetise their charge point.

The GARO GLB wallbox is available with type 2 outlets or fixed cable type 1 or type 2 connectors for wall installation or stand attachment. GARO developed these chargers to facilitate safe and efficient charging both at home or in workplace car parks. The GLB units from Garo are fully compatible with our back office system so JCL can track their usage and monetise their charge point if required. The RFID compatibility is perfect for JCL as they needed to have secure access and track their employee usages.