Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation

Barlows EV recently installed a complete Solar PV & Battery Storage system for Bridgwater Bowling Club in Whitchurch. The installation included the supply and installation of 14 Mono Solar Panels on the roof of the bowling club and 2 solar batteries to store generated energy.

The Bridgewater Bowling Club's adoption of 14x 405W solar panels, complemented by a solar inverter and 2x solar batteries, has ushered in a host of advantages. The most important benefit that the club will experience is a substantial decrease in their energy costs as the high-efficiency panels generate a consistent supply of clean, renewable energy to power their clubhouse.

This newfound independence from the grid marks a huge improvement for the club, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources, promoting the club as forward-thinking, environmentally conscious.

The installation of 2x solar batteries has introduced a level of flexibility to the club's energy infrastructure. The club can recharge these batteries during the night using cost-effective, off-peak grid power eliminating the need to wait until the next afternoon for solar power when energy demand may be higher.  This strategic approach not only improves their energy sustainability but also contributes to significant cost savings. By offsetting on-peak power with energy stored during off-peak hours, the Bridgewater Bowling Club maximises efficiency and minimises their energy expenses.

Dave Broderick – Contract Manager

Wrapping up our work at Bridgewater Bowling Club has been incredible. It's more than just a job completed; it's about making a real difference in our community. It fills me a with a great sense of pride seeing our within the local community. I'm already excited for our next community project. Here's to many more!