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Zappi Socket (un-tethered)

Zappi stands out as a smart EV charger with unique features. While it functions as a conventional EV charger, it also offers optional charging modes to utilize 100% green energy produced by your Solar PV or wind generation.


  • Remote Control: Manage your charger anywhere using the myenergi app, which offers detailed monitoring and information export in a single platform.
  • Secure Access: A five-digit PIN protects your charger against unauthorized use, ensuring your settings are secure.
  • Safety First: Unique PEN fault technology eliminates the need for earth rods, making Zappi a safer and more cost-effective charging solution.
  • Smart Timing: Set charging for when energy rates are lowest with the 'boost timer,' maximizing cost savings.
  • Solar Integration: Connects directly to Solar PV systems for renewable energy charging, offering an eco-friendly charging option.